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Always known as the Leung Twins, Emily and Jessica live by two mottos- “everything with a sense of style and humor” and the improv rule of thumb “Yes, And…”

Once young and unwise, they favored trendy stilettos meant to attract boys and look good for photo ops.  Most girls just took off their shoes after an hour but the twins’ OCD about feet touching the dirty ground meant that their night would end up excruciatingly long and painful, not to mention doing the opposite of their intent and leaving them with a severe foot-hangover.  Now much older and a little bit wiser, they have become shoe-enlightened.  They must love themselves and their own bodies first….and then they can have it all.   

 “We need style!” said one.  “Yes, and personality!” said the other.  “YES, AND COMFORT!!” said both.

The twins decided they couldn’t live without style and comfort. What is one without the other? As their mom would say, “Half the fun.”

Cross-country tracksters turned occasional marathoners, the girls have endured their share of bodily injuries but none more so than from those in heels.  Running, standing all day, and dancing all night turn out to be triplets with the same pain DNA- first comes the ball of foot numbness, the aching joints and raw blisters, then the fiery burn on the bottom with every step.  Ultimately permanent damage is done such as a stress fracture (Jessica from Vegas) and cracked bleeding toes (Emily from marathon) and the ugly beginnings of old witch bunions (or worse!).

What started as the perfect wedding shoe for former fashion exec Jessica’s (First) Big Day, became a revolt against “step-sister shoes”- plain, boring, and painfully ugly- and “fast fashion copy cats” - un-inspired and unoriginal copies of copies.

They wanted a shoe with a sparkly personality as individual and unique as the wearer, but classy enough to stand the test of time.   A shoe you could actually run in, or at least stand in all day and dance in all night.  Podiatrist-approved, wedding guest-tested, and personally salsa dancing-tested every week, the girls now no longer needed their full size-larger “day-after” recovery shoes.

Every classic-with-a-twist style is inspired by the effortless glamour of legendary leading ladies and modern day minxes alike.  Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe with a little Natalie Portman, Carey Mulligan, and Zooey Deschanel mixed in.  Flirty and fabulous, saucy and sexy, chic and ladylike.  Hey Ladies are Belles of the Ball, the Life of the Party.

For the twins, Every Day became a Big Day.  Every day was infused with a little sparkle on their feet and a skip in their step with shoes versatile enough for day to night.  

Special enough for your brightest moments, but bright enough for your every day.

Obsessed with the timeless glamour of past decades, the colorful personalities of unforgettable women in history, and the cutting-edge technology of their Silicon Valley backyard- a vintage chic with modern comfort shoe was born.   Their new mission is to bring you one-of-a-kind, everyday glamour accessories you won’t find anywhere else.

EST 2009

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