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Vintage Inspired with Modern Comfort Special Occasion Shoes

Hey Lady shoes fuses classic-with-a-twist style, Nasa memory foam technology, and a sparkly personality into the perfect fit for brides, bridesmaids, MOBs, & dancing queens. They rebel against “fast-fashion” with one-of-a-kind heirloom designs that are as unique as the wearer itself. Special occasion heels effortlessly chic & comfortable enough to literally stand the test of time.

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About Hey Lady

Emily and Jessica Leung, otherwise known as the Leung twins, were obsessed with the glamour of past decades, the personalities of unforgettable women, and the cutting-edge technology of their Silicon Valley backyard. With their experience as professional wedding crashers, 27 dress perennial bridesmaids, and the occasional runaway bride, they needed statement heels they could dance all night in. The ultimate special occasion shoe inspired by timeless icons Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, & Jackie O and their modern day muses was born. 

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My something blue wedding shoes! I wore Knotty Girl shoes in Robin's Egg on my wedding day with my short Ivy & Aster dress, and I swear, I got so many compliments, and I think more people took pictures of my shoes than anything else! And they were so, so comfy, I wore them the whole night!! Thanks Hey Lady! -Dena Read More Testimonials


I purchased a pair of cobalt twinkletoes for my wedding and they were amazing! I had them on from approx 12pm to 9pm and danced my butt off. Everyone thought they were so beautiful and they really completed my look. Thank you so much for all your help. I recommend Hey Lady wherever I go!! Stephanie Read More Testimonials

Melanie & Matt

I built my wedding around these shoes before I was even engaged, I love them that much. Read More Testimonials

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