Anatomy of a Heel

  1. Invisible "wing" arch support serves as seamless foot-bra, cupping the foot for extra support and evenly distributing the weight to delay ball-of-foot numbness
  2. 3" and 4" with platform options share the same comfort angle, equally lifting butts and elongating calves
  3. Just enough stylish coverage protects and cushions to avoid toe-overhang and strap-whiplash
  4. Dancer's fit toe box eliminates toe-overlap and muffin-top
  5. Balanced but slender heel offers stability while instantly taking off 5 lbs.
  6. Full PORON Performance insole, typically seen in running and basketball shoes, brings new meaning to the sport of stilettos. High-impact Nasa-developed memory foam is both breathable and shock-absorbing to increase dance endurance.

  • Balanced and centered heel
  • Soft Italian kid leather lining
  • 100% silk satin or leather uppers
  • Buffed leather soles

PORON urethanes

  • Shock absorbing to protect against impact
  • Breathable to keep you dry and cool
  • Maintains cushioning for maximum performance
  • Lightweight and flexible for continuous comfort
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