Hey Lady FAQs

1. How is Hey Lady style different from other wedding brands?  

Hey Ladies are timeless fashionistas with effortless style and sparkly personalities. Silhouettes are classics with a flirty twist. Accessible luxury is at the tip of your toes.

At Hey Lady Shoes, we consider ourselves the Anti-Wedding Wedding shoe that is versatile enough from day events to night. All designs are vintage-inspired that stand the test of time. The Nasa-developed memory foam and comfort features are an extra must-have bonus. We also designed both Day and Night shoes to take brides/bridesmaids/MOBS/dancing queens from bachelorette parties, bridal showers and rehearsal dinners, all the way to ceremony and dance receptions.
Every pair is meant to be as special and individual to the bride as her wedding dress, as well as re-wear-againable.

All of our shoe fabrics we chose to be soft and luxurious to the touch. Our silk satins are a 100% and not polyester blends that have been starch-dipped. They are more flexible as you walk and not stiff to the touch. There will be slight fabric wrinkling from any type of movement (including shipping) but this is to be expected as it molds to your foot with each step.

2. Do you ship internationally?  

OUI! POR SUPUESTO! BESTIMMT! Hey Lady has shipped to more than 27 different countries around the globe, anywhere from Afghanistan to New Zealand.
All international orders are shipped via US Postal Service International Express Mail, which generally takes about 3-5 business days once shipped. This is the most economical shipping option that also includes tracking.
Depending on your country's laws, there may be a customs and duties tax or VAT tax that needs to be paid before receipt of shipment. For example, Canada has a 6%customs/6%duties tax.
For more information or assistance, please email info@shopheylady.com.

UK/British Isles
Puerto Rico
United Arab Emirates
Dominican Republic
Czech Republic
New Zealand
South Africa

3. Do you offer different whites?  

We distinguish our "whites" by using different upper materials for our shoes. See below for our corresponding whites and materials, in order from brightest white to Ivory.

We chose an OFF-WHITE SILK SATIN that blends with both White and Ivory dresses. This white has warm undertones and complements Ivory's yellow undertones as well as Diamond Whites (off-white).

Brightest White: patent leather (TAKEN)

Off-white: Micro-fiber suede (STRAPTEASE,

White w/silver undertones: 100% silk satin DADDY'S GIRL,
BALL & CHAIN has off-white upper with silver
chain strap)

Off-white w/warmer undertones: 100% silk satins (OFF THE MARKET, HEEL BOY, PUCKER UP, YES MA'AM, AT TIFFANY'White/Black, PRE-NOPE, KNOTTY GIRL, TWINKLETOES

The closest to Ivory would be PUCKER-UP/YESMA'AM-pearlescent Ivory platform heel and straps of Pucker-Up with off-white silk satin.
Also OFF THE MARKET has a latte silk satin lining and off-white lace.
The micro-fiber suede of COCO PUFFS has more ivory tones in contrast to its black trim.

The best NEUTRALS that blend with Ivory are the light gold metallics: CHAMPAGNE GOGGLES, DADDY'S GIRL.

4. Are Hey Lady shoes dyeable?  

We are Anti-dyeable in the sense that we are against wearing "ugly, stiff, and outdated" shoes.
Our shoes capable of being dyed, while all shoes can be dyed black. Other shoes with polyester blends etc. will not dye evenly. However, depending on trims (bows, jewels,etc.) the results will vary on if it is possible. Please consult a shoe dye expert for confirmation.
Hey Lady currently does not custom dye shoes.

5. Are your shoes REALLY comfortable?? Are your shoes true to size?  

We think so! Definitely longer than the hour or two we find with normal unsupported heels.
We spent a year developing a mold for what we considered comfortable- pulling different parts from different styles we liked.
For example, we have a dancer's fit toebox which has slightly more room than your average Nine West and a lot more room than your average Christian Louboutin. We chose the thickest, slender heel to provide balance but still look feminine.
The Nasa-developed memory foam is shock-absorbing versus regular cushioning foams. These are used in running and basketball shoes and absorbs high-impact movement. The material "bounces" back like a Tempurpedic bed, whereas a cushioning foam deflates with the weight of your foot.
Buffed leather soles provide elegant traction to dance floors. See "Anatomy of a Heel" for more details.

However, comfort levels and duration vary with each Hey Lady style. 3" heels are lighter and more flexible than the 4" with platform. Although Micro-fiber suede shoes tend to get dirtier more easily, they are the most comfortable with breathable fabric that molds to the feet (Straptease and CoCo Puffs). Some peep-toe shoes have a tighter toe area than closed-toed ones so that toes may stay in place (Twinkletoes).

As with all shoe companies, all styles vary in both fit and comfort. Some shoes fit true to size, others run smaller or larger. Please email info@shopheylady.com for recommendations on certain styles.

All of our shoe fabrics we chose to be soft and luxurious to the touch. All of our silk satins are a 100% and not polyester blends that have been dipped into starch. They are more flexible as you walk and not stiff to the touch. There will be slight fabric wrinkling from any type of movement (including shipping) but this is to be expected as it flexes with each step.

6. How tall are your heels?  

We measure from the very back of the heelcup down. Some companies may measure from the center of the heel up so what we would consider a 3" heel, they would call a 2.5" heel.

We are considering other heel heights for late 2012 including 0.5/1" sliver wedge, ballet flats, 4" wedges, and 5" with an extra tall platform.
Please email info@shopheylady.com with your suggestions :)

7. Who designed the Little White Dresses in your Weddings Lookbook?  

All of the LWDs you see on the website and in the lookbook were designed by Hey Lady to correspond with the shoes or by "Sunday best" vintage-inspired Fancy NY. We had to postpone dress production to concentrate on shoes, but keep looking out! We may produce these in limited editions.

8. How do I clean the micro-fiber suede shoes?  

The micro-fiber suede tends to be the most comfortable fabric, but it also tends to get dirty more easily. This fabric can be cleaned with normal suede cleaner using a clean white towel. Brushing the fabric with a clean toothbrush can also be used to restore the suede-like finish.
We also recommend using Scotchguard as a suede protectant against the natural elements.
We recommend keeping the shoes in the clear plastic bags and NOT using the black lace shoe bag at all.

9. Do you come in different widths? Do you customize?  

We only have one width, and that is what we call "slightly wider than Nine West and much wider than Louboutins." It is based on a dancer's fit toe box for maximum comfort and style. Even our "pointy" toe shoes have a rounded point to accommodate this width to make the foot as delicately ladylike as possible. We are unable to customize shoes but do appreciate any and all feedback/suggestions for colors/styles/etc.

10. What is your Return Policy?  

See https://www.shopheylady.com/return-policy.php on home page.

11. What size should I order?  

We suggest more specific recommendations for each style in the product descriptions and are dependent on production runs.
Please email info@shopheylady.com for specific recommendations.

12. What if your shoe is out of stock?  

We are constantly going through inventory and updating it online. Please email info@shopheylady.com for specific requests and we can double-check for you the availability. While some styles/colors are continually restocked every six months, others are only what is in stock and only available for a limited time.

If any sizes are currently sold out, there is the possibility of PRESS/DISPLAY SAMPLES available. Availability is random, email info@shopheylady.com for your preferred heel height/style/color and usual size/width. Samples are typically 10-50% off depending on wear and are usually never worn and only lightly handled. They are non-refundable but eligible for credit/exchange.

13. Do your shoes every go on sale?  

No, but look for FLASH SPECIAL PROMOTIONS on our Facebook page and email list! They can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on the special occasion :)

Ask about our Facebook fan, military bride, and bridal party promos!

We are also happy to offer more affordable options to help meet any bride's budget. Press/Display samples are available in a range of styles and sizes, but availability is random. Samples are NON-REFUNDABLE and can only be eligible for exchange/credit. Typically they be can offered at 10-70% off. You can email info@shopheylady.com to check on availability for your preferred style/size/heel/color.

14. What are your business hours?  

We are available for questions M-F 10am-6pm PST. All emails/calls/orders will be responded to within 1-3 business days. All questions are responded to in the order of receipt.
For expedited shipments and emergencies, you may contact info@shopheylady.com with the headline Urgent and we will try and accommodate your request as quickly as possible or call (650) 924-8658.


All inquiries/orders/exchanges placed during closed periods will be addressed upon re-opening.

15. About Us in a Nutshell  

Vintage Personality with Modern Sensibilities
Hey Lady, LLC, based in the heart of Silicon Valley, is the brainchild of twins Emily and Jessica Leung. Hey Lady’s mission is to inject the fun and function back into the shoe industry by combining classic-with-a-twist designs with modern technology. They bring you the one and only vintage-inspired with modern comfort special occasion shoe.

Hey Lady debuted online in Spring 2009 and have shipped domestically and internationally to over 30 different countries from the United Arab Emirates to New Zealand.

Produced in China using Italian leathers and 100% silk satin materials combined with a full insole of Nasa-developed shock-absorbing memory foam, Hey Lady is able to provide an accessible luxury with lasting comfort.

What started as the quest for the perfect wedding shoe became a revolt against “step-sister shoes”(plain, boring, and painfully ugly) and “fast fashion copy cats” (un-inspired and unoriginal copies of copies).

Obsessed with the timeless glamour of past decades, the colorful personalities of unforgettable women, and the cutting-edge technology of their Silicon Valley backyard- a vintage chic with modern comfort shoe was born. They utilize traditional “wedding-y” materials such as silks and pearls in unexpected ways and untraditional wedding materials such as colored leather and quilted suede in classic silhouettes, creating an entirely unique experience blending whimsy with functionality. These ladylike designs possess an heirloom charm and sparkly personality as unique as the shoe-wearer herself.

Playful, feminine, flirty, chic, fresh, sophisticated, sexy, sassy, wear-again-able. And always ladylike.

16. What kind of girl wears Hey Lady  

Hey Ladies are timeless fashionistas with effortless style and sparkly personalities. They aren't afraid to stand out and own their individuality and have their own unique style dialogue. There's an inherent confidence, wallflowers need not apply. They are ageless, from your prom queen teenager to your hip grandma. They are unforgettable.

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."- Oliver Wilde.

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